What's Ethical Hacking?

Ask most people to define the term hacker and they'll instantly picture a darkened room, several monitors ablaze with green text scrolling across the screen, and a shady character in the corner furiously typing away on a keyboard in an effort to break or steal something.
Unfortunately, a lot of that is true, and a lot of people worldwide actively participate in these activities for that very purpose.
However, it's is important to realize there are differences between the good guys and the bad guys in this realm...

Whether for noble or bad purposes... the art of hacking remains the same. Using a specialized set of tools, techniques, knowledge, and skills to bypass computer security measures to allow someone to hack into a computer or network.
The purpose behind the use of these tools and techniques is really the only thing in question.
An Ethical hacker practice them in order to better defend systems and, in the process, provide insight on how to catch the bad guys.

An Ethical Hacker is someone who employs the same tools and techniques a criminal might use, but with the customers full support and approval in order to help secure a network or system. Ethical hackers are employed by customers to improve security.

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