Let us hack into your systems
without any damage...
before others ruin your business.

What's Ethical Hacking?

Ask most people to define the term hacker and they'll instantly picture a darkened room, several monitors ablaze with green text scrolling across the screen, and a shady character in the corner furiously typing away on a keyboard in an effort to break or steal something.
Unfortunately, a lot of that is true, and a lot of people worldwide actively participate in these activities for that very purpose.
However, it's is important to realize there are differences between the good guys and the bad guys in this realm...

Whether for noble or bad purposes... the art of hacking remains the same. Using a specialized set of tools, techniques, knowledge, and skills to bypass computer security measures to allow someone to hack into a computer or network.
The purpose behind the use of these tools and techniques is really the only thing in question.
An Ethical hacker practice them in order to better defend systems and, in the process, provide insight on how to catch the bad guys.

An Ethical Hacker is someone who employs the same tools and techniques a criminal might use, but with the customers full support and approval in order to help secure a network or system. Ethical hackers are employed by customers to improve security.

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What do we offer

As a Hacking Lab or security lab, Cleveridge is able to offer you a whole range of services with transparency, integrity and confidentiality as the three key values.
Going from quick scans to full scale organized hacking, this all in function not to harm your systems but for you to be able to sharpen your online - and often also offline - security measures.
No matter what kind of task you want, we guarantee a comprehensive report and a hands-on support.

Although each client has his own needs, here you can find a shortened list of our services:

Quick Scans :
With a focus on smaller organizations we will scan websites and/or networks for well-known vulnerabilities. The depth of the scans will depend on the time we are able to spend on the task. A Quick Scan is also available for organisations with a small budget.
Footprinting :
All organized attacks on websites, networks and/or organizations are preceded by a more or less extended form of information collecting.
Cleveridge hunts as a hacker (team) for information that may be important for attackers. You will be amazed at the amount of information available that makes your organization vulnerable. We bring you all the information clearly in the picture and explain to you why the information obtained can be dangerous for your organisation.
Penetration Testing :
Putting it all together....
After an extended footprinting, scanning and enumeration procedure, a Cleveridge Ethical Hacker team will launch an attack on your organizations' infrastructure without doing any harm to it.
Depending on the assignment our friendly attackers try to infiltrate and collect all kinds of what must be save data and/or try to simulate a controlled service distortion.
Our attackers focus can go out to a predefined goal depending on our clients wishes.
Our penetration test gives you an extended vulnerability overview that will be fully - step by step - reported, debriefed and followed up.
V.I.P. Service
You are a valuable member of your organization, community and/or country. Because of your importance you become an interesting target for all sorts of organizations.
Without doing any real harm Cleveridge will gather all sorts of information about you and will try to use this information to get access to valuable data and accounts like real attackers do or maybe already did.
As soon as we get access to these vulnerabilities we will inform you and help you to close these open doors.
Our 'VIP Service' can be a one time service, but our long-term commitment is a very personal, transparent and confidential service that will help you as a person for a longer period.